Some thoughts on sleep

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I've had very little sleep in the last two years. I continue to function. Not always very well, but I do.

My last night of really good sleep was sometime into the first few weeks of pregnancy two years ago. I knew I was pregnant a couple of weeks into my pregnancy and almost immediately it seemed like I was spending more of my nights peeing than sleeping. I didn't start to properly show until my third trimester but I couldn't comfortably sleep on my front anymore, which is how I've always slept, and that's how my less than optimal sleep conditions started. Throw in nursing round the clock months later and that bit of snoring I mentioned earlier and my usual sleep pattern was totally shattered.

It's made me think a lot about how much or little sleep we really need as human beings and I know that it must differ depending on the person. My husband seems to be in great shape each morning no matter how late he goes to bed. And he goes to bed LATE sometimes. Later than I'd like almost every night.

Why does it seem like running on little to zero sleep is glorified by a lot of influential people? I was watching the new Kevin Hart documentary, Don't F*** This Up, on Netflix a couple of days ago. He was talking rather proudly about sleeping three hours a night and I realized that there are people young and old out there who look up to him and will watch that and think that they must not be working hard enough. People will think less sleep is one of the things that lead to success.  It might be working great for him (although we'll never know for sure if it truly is) but that doesn't mean it will work for everyone else. Sleep is not inversely related to success.

Thank God for people like Ariana Huffington who have taken it upon themselves to break this myth and push the benefits of getting more sleep in order to function more efficiently in life! I notice a definite difference in my levels of alertness and just how forgetful I can be in the last two years and yes, I do blame these largely on a lack of sleep.

What are your views on sleep? Do you get as much as you think you need? Do you believe that sleeping less means that you achieve more?