My top five podcasts of 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minute
  1. Straight up with Stassi - yes, I do watch Vanderpump Rules. I also do enjoy listening to the ponderings of this person who is living a totally different life from me and has a completely different set of burdens from me as a result. It's refreshing and sometimes even eye opening to realise just what sorts of things bother people I could never pretend to be.
  2. Happy Mum Happy Baby - this became the soundtrack to my baby's sleep at one point! Giovanna has a soothing tone and manages to bring on such a wide variety of guests that you're sure to find someone relatable during at least one episode.
  3. Dead Ass - again, super relatable topics discussed for anyone in a relationship (especially a long term one), married, or parenting.
  4. The Motherly Podcast - this I discovered only in the last couple of weeks it I'm really enjoying so far. I wish I'd known about it sooner. It works for me because they don't appear to have extremely long episodes.
  5. I'm here for the Food - it's still new but it has some good episodes already because even where they leave some questions unanswered, the conversations among & between these ladies give a lot of food for thought.

Can you recommend any good podcasts with strong female presenters? Even better if they're moms!