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Do moms need a break? Of course. Like every other human being, moms absolutely need a break. Working moms need a break and yes, even stay at home moms need a break too. It might be harder for moms to pause long enough to realize that  they need a mommy time-out. They may struggle to find the time to relax. When they do find a moment to reflect, they may even find it tough to understand that a break is what they really need. 

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As a mom, your brain knows that if you’re not feeling your best mentally and physically, you cannot give your best to your family. You know you need a mommy break sometimes. However, day-to-day activities can stop you from taking the time to assess your mental and physical state. You might not know what to look for. Here are some signs that you need a mommy break.

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Signs that you need a Mom Break

1. Emotional Emptiness. A real inability to feel an emotion about things going on around you no matter how hard you try. You honestly cannot muster up any strong emotions such as empathy.

2. Getting ill frequently. Your body is telling you that something is out of whack. It could be telling you that there is something wrong not just physically but also mentally too.

3. Easily irritated. Things that you would have never paid any attention to before are suddenly very pronounced and getting on your last nerve.


4. Your home looks chaotic. It may be a reflection of your mental state. When there is no part of your home that is in order, you should consider whether it has anything to do with how you’re feeling right now.

5. Getting verbally aggressive with your child. You seem to have lost all patience with your child and find yourself speaking to them in a way you normally would not.

6. Feelings of resentment towards your child. You find yourself thinking frequently about how much less stressful your life was pre-baby and have feelings of resentment because you cannot just up and do anything you want to do anymore. You’re resentful of your responsibilities.

7. Lower productivity. You notice you are able to get very little done these days. Same number of hours in the day and same number of duties but less of them getting ticked off your to-do list.

8. Insomnia. This is where you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep. You might feel tired and know you need sleep but it is elusive.

9. No desire for social interaction due to feeling exhausted. You would rather stay in bed or on the couch resting than see anyone outside the family.

10. Pessimistic outlook on everything. You feel hopeless. You see nothing but problems. Nothing makes you happy.

11. Fuzzy-brained. You feel like you have got a ball of cotton wool for a brain. Even forming a sentence feels like a hard job.

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12. The tears won’t stop coming. Everything and anything might bring you to tears. Your local grocery store being out of that snack you want right now. Your child not wanting to eat.

13. Feelings of loneliness. You are not alone but you feel alone.

14. Loss of appetite. You can’t bear the thought of food. Or you are hungry but do not feel like eating anything.

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15. Loss of interest in things you used to care about. You are genuinely unable to conjure up any interest in the things you would normally care about: your favourite tv shows. An activity that you normally like to take part in with your family.

16. Feelings of anger. Not just anger but also frequently being unable to put your finger on why exactly you are angry.

17. Restlessness. You constantly feel unsettled and are always looking for something to do.

Have you experienced any of these? 

Are you currently experiencing any of these? Do you think you might need a mommy break?

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  1. Yes! This is so accurate. It is important that we recognize these signs so that we can regroup in order to be the best moms we can be for our children. But the most important skills of GREAT MOMS, is understanding that we are human. It is okay to hit the reset button from time to time, and take a break.

  2. Everyone needs to see this! Sometimes we spend so much time trying to do it all that we forget that we still need breaks ourselves. It’s so hard for me to ever take a break without feeling guilty!! I have experienced all of these synonyms before, but gloss over them everytime.

  3. It took me a long time to realize, that being a mom does not mean I a Superwoman! With that being said, I always know when I need a break, when I become irritated…then my children hear…MOMMY NEEDS A BREAK! ???

  4. I told my husband this week I need a break. His first response was in fear, “like a Ross and Rachel break???” I looked at him so confused and said, “I literally said two days ago I want a date night with you. No. I need a mommy break.” 10 months in quarantine with two kids and not so much as leaving for the grocery store, I’m starting to lose my mind. I love being a Mommy but I want to enjoy it again. This list hits very near to my heart right now.

  5. These are serious and as a mum to a new born myself I hope all the mummys out there are getting the care and self-care they need right now xx

  6. I can relate to this so much! Mommyhood can be so so stressful. We all do our best but we need a break.

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