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Blogmas day 18: Teenage girls

Teenagers can be really bratty. Like really really bratty. And it seems like boys and girls are bratty in different ways. It would seem like teen boys are bratty because they don't listen and always want to be out exploring at the risk of their own lives. The girls, on the other hand, get overwhelmed by their hormones and therefore their emotions and start to rebel against authority. Mainly authority at home. Do you remember being a teen? I barely do but I do remember feeling like I always needed a good sulk session so I must have been awful…

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Blogmas day 17: Techie tangles

I sat down this morning to talk my husband through setting up his blog and wouldn't you know blog suddenly crashed. Just like that. For not apparent reason. I got online to chat with my hosting provider (if that's even what they're correctly referred to as) and after much back and forth, they seemed to have figured out the problem and fixed it. Only for the site to go back down again only a few minutes later. So back to my host I went. Again, they said they'd fixed it and it didn't indeed look like it was sorted.…

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Blogmas day 14

I just had an odd experience. Someone agreed to do a Christmas/New year tag with me. And then they asked what that meant. I took it to mean they wanted to know how it would work as a tag. I explained. They replied with something along the lines of "Ah not what I thought you meant then. I'd rather not". Now I'm left wondering how many different meanings of "Christmas/new year tag" there could be for a blogger.

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Blogmas day 11: Stop your spouse snoring?

We're snorers. My husband and I. He never used to be. He used to have the gentlest once-in-a-blue-moon snore. I wouldn't even call it a snore really. Shortly after Baby E was born and he was doing bi-weekly weekend trips home from Germany, he started to snore. Now these are proper snores. Real, guttural, hopelessly tired kind of snores. I've been a snorer since university. I think. At least it wasn't till university that I started to wake myself up with my own snoring! I know what you're thinking. We're made for each other. Perhaps so. For many other reasons…

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Blogmas day 10: Recovery mode

We're back from home and in serious recovery mode. Baby E slept more than hour late than usual which indicates some sort of jet lag I suppose. It allowed me an extra hour of sleep and I'm so grateful for that. I could have done with six hours extra sleep to be honest. Exhausted and broken are only a few of the words I'd use to describe how I feel today. Fortunately I also feel grateful and optimistic about the future. Grateful to have spent some time with family and optimistic about all the great options and possibilities open to…

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Blogmas day 6

So I'm packing and I'm really going to try to keep things as minimal as possible. I could easily go with nothing but a backpack but so far of baby's things I've got: Toilet training seat A pair of pyjamas Hair brush 12 diapers A towel Moisturising lotion Nappy cream Coconut oil Four outfits Two pairs of home shoes I've not even considered edible things for her yet and that's what I worry about the most with her - food. We're nowhere near done packing for a simple weekend. Our 6am departure should be interesting!

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