The promises I pray around my child

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This list of promises I pray around my child is bound to grow with time!

I love praying for my daughter. Especially in those quiet moments when she's asleep, it's sweet to look at her and envision how bright her future is. It's in those moments that I speak to God the most often about my deepest desires for her. I recognize that our desires need to be aligned with God's plans for us. That's why I stand on His word in prayer for my child. I share my current promise list with you here. To download it as a printable, click HERE.

In the hectic and often exhausting day of a mom, praying for your children to end the day helps to remind you that the best you can do is surrender yourself for God's work in your childrens' lives. Answering the call to mother means that God will reward your efforts.

Below are the promises that I pray around my child. What Bible promises do you pray around your children?

list of prayer points for children