Children and Sleep: How can aromatherapy help?
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Children and Sleep: How can aromatherapy help?

Disclaimer: I may get a small commission for purchases made through links within this page. Children and Sleep: How can aromatherapy help?   Children should be able to sleep soundly and without any worries, however life is not typically so ideal. Essential oils can be very effective at reducing stress and help children sleep. Having good rest will allow them to wake up feeling stronger and be ready to face another day.    Times have definitely changed compared to even a few years ago. Technology is a part of many children’s lives nowadays and getting them off devices sometimes can…

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Honesty doesn’t equal negativity

I’ve always been fairly cut and dried in the way I speak to people. More so in recent years and sometimes a bit excessively. Even in my own opinion. I don’t realise I’m being too blunt sometimes but I am most blunt when I’m speaking about myself and the things that I see as my own faults. I am conscious about not being quite so blunt with others. Especially those I care about. I want to keep this up of course but this year, I want to be more intentional with the way I address myself too. Overall though, I’m determined…

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Some thoughts on sleep

I've had very little sleep in the last two years. I continue to function. Not always very well, but I do. My last night of really good sleep was sometime into the first few weeks of pregnancy two years ago. I knew I was pregnant a couple of weeks into my pregnancy and almost immediately it seemed like I was spending more of my nights peeing than sleeping. I didn't start to properly show until my third trimester but I couldn't comfortably sleep on my front anymore, which is how I've always slept, and that's how my less than optimal…

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My top five podcasts of 2019

Straight up with Stassi - yes, I do watch Vanderpump Rules. I also do enjoy listening to the ponderings of this person who is living a totally different life from me and has a completely different set of burdens from me as a result. It's refreshing and sometimes even eye opening to realise just what sorts of things bother people I could never pretend to be. Happy Mum Happy Baby - this became the soundtrack to my baby's sleep at one point! Giovanna has a soothing tone and manages to bring on such a wide variety of guests that you're…

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2019 Wrap up
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2019 Wrap up

The year's gone by so quickly now that I think about it. Yet, it felt so slow. It felt like it was dragging by. You'll understand that if you've had the same kind of year and I know many people have.  2019 was the year I decided to start this blog and stick with it no matter what. Something I didn't do for any of the other blogs I've started in the past. I've forgotten about blogs after writing only one post, shut some down when I felt like I didn't have enough to write about and also just generally…

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M.A.C Counters & British Christmases

I don't think I explicitly said so before but we're spending Christmas in the UK. Being back on familiar, home territory feels wonderful. We can't seem to stop pointing out things about this country that we've missed. From stupidly pointing out signs and reading them aloud to each other to remind ourselves that we can actually understand the signs here to the wonderfully friendly customer service in every store and restaurant. I think we may be taking it too far now. Extending conversation with staff much further than they probably intended for it to go. It's not that there isn't…

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