11 Vital topics of discussion before baby

11 Vital topics of discussion before baby

From first and second hand experience, I can say that not discussing certain vital things before you go ahead and bring another life into this world can make for a stressful and/or miserable pregnancy and first few years with your baby.

Indeed, even if you’ve known your partner for many years, it doesn’t guarantee that you know the answer to these questions. Your partner may not have considered some of these before and may realise that they need to think about the answers longer than you expect.

It’s true that there’s very little you can do to emotionally prepare yourself for a baby but there are other ways to prepare. After speaking with some friends, I found that the main points of conflict arose from partners not helping out enough, in-laws/extended family butting in where they were not wanted and financial restrictions. Somehow though, husbands not wanting to help out with the baby seemed to be fairly easily forgiven compared to the other points! I wonder why.

I’ve come up with a list of issues that do need to be discussed and you know I’m a fan of checklists. I suspect that it will grow in the future as I have more conversations with people and experience more of life as a mummy myself. If you’re about to become a mother for the first time, I promise that these questions will save you an invaluable amount of time and heartache. Ideally, they’re questions you should ask before you even conceive, in my view. However, chances are, if you are reading this, you’re either already pregnant or already set on getting pregnant no matter what. These will be useful to you either way.

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What questions would you add on?

If you enjoyed this, you might find Part 2 helpful as well.

Happy contemplating!

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3 thoughts on “11 Vital topics of discussion before baby”

  • It is so important to fully discuss a lot of different things when having a baby! After 3 babies in 4 years, being open and honest will help when discussing your future.

  • These are really good questions to consider! Having a new baby can be so overwhelming. It’s good to have this discussion ahead of time!

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