Blogmas day 4

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We're going away for the weekend! Funny to put it that way when we're going back home to the UK to spend time with family. Going away makes it sound like we're going to a strange place that we'll be exploring.

I'm so looking forward to seeing my family. It's only been a couple of months but I miss them. Baby E will enjoy being with them again too. Even if it's just for two days. I love short trips like this anyway. I think they're easier when you've got a young child than longer trips where you'll be spending a week or more trying to cope in a different and unfamiliar environment with all the things you need to manage baby.

Some people might think I'm exaggerating about how tough it can be to wrangle a single toddler but when you take into consideration all the different accoutrements they may need to bath, to dress up, to wash their hair and then to eat, not to mention making sure you're not feeding them total junk the entire period you're away from home, it's enough to make you want to go nowhere. I've always looked forward to holidays but now time away from wherever it is we call home makes me break out in an ever-so-fine sweat.

Yesterday was one of my pre-scheduled posts and just as well as I'd had had nothing much to say! Today wasn't very different either. I didn't even get to go out for our usual walk because I was unbelievably tired and by the time I was done feeding baby her lunch, it was evening and hubs was on his way home anyway.