M.A.C Counters & British Christmases

I don't think I explicitly said so before but we're spending Christmas in the UK. Being back on familiar, home territory feels wonderful. We can't seem to stop pointing out things about this country that we've missed. From stupidly pointing out signs and reading them aloud to each other to remind ourselves that we can actually understand the signs here to the wonderfully friendly customer service in every store and restaurant. I think we may be taking it too far now. Extending conversation with staff much further than they probably intended for it to go. It's not that there isn't…

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Blogmas Day 25: Operation ZZ
Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

Blogmas Day 25: Operation ZZ

I can happily report that Operation Zen Zone (ZZ) is going far better than I expected. Of course, a few things have happened that could have caused me to panic or lose my mind in some other way but thankfully, I've been relatively calm and I'm almost enjoying Christmas. I've caught myself humming some Christmas songs a few times already...and haven't stopped myself. Imagine that. Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash Have you thought about how this holiday season is different now than it was for you say 10 years ago? Ten years ago around now, I'd started off my Masters degree and…

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