[Guest Post] Strong Mama Moves

[Guest Post] Strong Mama Moves

Do you remember feeling an immediate bond with your baby

I spoke to Ruby as soon as I knew she was in my tummy (4wks preggo) so yes, I felt like she was my best friend who I had to protect with my life from then. ️

Breastmilk vs. formula 

Fed is best for sure.  I was very fortunate to find breastfeeding easily natural to me and managed to maintain breastfeeding until 8 months through terrible chronic insomnia and post natal depression and mourned breastfeeding when I had to stop. I combination fed my daughter from 6 months to take some pressure off myself as pumping just garnered next to zero milk for me.

Mental and emotional welfare post-baby

I had a really rough time as a single mum who’d lost both of her parents and eventually had to become estranged from remaining family who abandoned me in post natal depression.  I fought hard to get the support I needed as there were quite a few balls dropped in the early days.  I have a blog that talks about my struggles in pregnancy and postpartum: https://beingmamabearuk.blogspot.com) I swear by exercise, eating well and a chosen support network plus counselling to get through tough times. I’m developing a programme on this (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/strongmamamoves-on-introducing-myself/id1457458172).

Sleep deprivation

I developed chronic insomnia leaving me sleeping 2hrs a night from the emotional pain of being left alone in pregnancy. The best way to deal with sleep deprivation is to fake it till you make it, understand you will sleep again and you will survive on that little sleep even if it feels rubbish. If you keep exercising and eating well you can much better manage your moods and wellbeing.


My daughter is 13 months old so yes she is weaned.  My thoughts are to just do your best. They will eat what and when they want so try not to panic if they have days they’re less hungry. They may have sore teeth or be feeling off.  Easier said than done.

How did you turn to personal training as a career? 

I’ve been a personal trainer for a decade, so I was a trainer long before becoming a mother. I love feeling strong and fit and I enjoy helping others to enjoy fitness and eating well as much as I do by helping in changing people’s mindsets and taking away ridiculous diets.

Your experience as a single mummy thus far

I’ve been a single mum since pregnancy, of course it is hard work but it’s also hugely rewarding.  I’m lucky to have a good support network around me but it has been rocky at times.  At the end of the day, motherhood is tough for all of us. It’s relative to what we know 🙂 From working closely with other mums, I know that we’re all doing the best job we can.

Amanda and 13 month old Ruby are based in Aberdeen, Scotland
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12 thoughts on “[Guest Post] Strong Mama Moves”

  • Thank you for publishing such an honest post! It’s so important to share stories and build mom communities.

  • The whole solids thing has been my biggest struggle. I’m trying to learn and accept that my son will just have days where he doesn’t eat as much. But the worry and frustration is still there when he throws his food or spits it out. It’s definitely a learning process for sure. I can also relate to how emotional it was to stop breastfeeding. You don’t really realize how special it was until you are no longer doing it!

    • I’m in the earlier stages of the solids thing and also find it quite worrying sometimes! A real lesson in patience and finding a happy medium between not letting them starve themselves and letting them find their own feet. As for the breastfeeding ending… just thinking about it makes me a bit 😔
      Thanks for the comment, Erin!

  • Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I appreciate your journey and suggestions.

  • I dealt with postpartum depression as well and as someone he seemed fine from the outside it was so hard when people didn’t understand or support me. Thank you for sharing your story ♥️

    • Thanks for sharing that Lindsey. That’s the trouble. It’s hard to express it to anyone or even be sure what it is you yourself are feeling❤️

  • My first son didn’t latch, so I exclusively pumped for 4 months. He was sleeping through the night right around that time. My second son, I’ve been very fortunate to breastfeed, but it means that he wants to eat several times at night still, and he’s 5 months now. It’s tough either way! Like you said, fed is best.

    • It IS tough. You’re doing great! I have such admiration for you ladies who’ve ever exclusively pumped. It’s such hard work for any amount of time.

  • I love everything about this post. Social Media depicts all of these perfect moms and it’s time us hot mess moms come out! I suffered from really bad postpartum with my youngest one

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