Extended Breastfeeding: Don’t be afraid to do it
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Extended Breastfeeding: Don’t be afraid to do it

18 months and counting. To think that I didn't expect to make it past month 1 after those first few painful weeks. This is what is referred to as "extended" breastfeeding. Extended breastfeeding is generally used to describe breastfeeding past one year of age. It has a name because, to put it simply, it's not the norm. Like in many countries in Western Africa and Northern Europe, for example, it should be allowed to be the norm. I believe that it could be if people were better educated about the benefits of breastfeeding beyond the first year of life. Unfortunately,…

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5 Inevitable Questions Interracial Couples Ask Themselves [Guest Post]

Interracial marriage can be an incredibly rich experience, but it can equally be just as challenging. While you get the benefit of chowing down on another culture’s amazing home cooked food at your in-laws’ house that you likely would not find elsewhere, there is always a flip side. In my own decade of being married interracially, I’ve observed that interracial couples face many of the same problems couples from the same race experience but with the intensity turned up several more notches. Conflict is inevitable in any relationship, but cultural differences can make typical marital issues that much more complex…

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31 Quick and Easy breakfast ideas for TODDLERS

When you have toddlers who are full of energy from the moment they wake up, you have to be able to make the most of every minute of the day. Suddenly, cooking can become a job of making sure you don't injure either yourself or your child while they run around you in the kitchen. You find yourself wondering why the meals you cook take so long to prepare. That's the last thing you need. You need to be able to whip up something fast. These recipes work for lunch and dinner but in the mornings, you want it to…

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Homeschooling in the UK
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Homeschooling in the UK

The hubs and I were discussing homeschooling the other day. It's because he walked into the room when I was watching a video from Jamelia on why she decided to homeschool her daughters. We suddenly realized that neither of us knew much about homeschool in the UK. We don't directly know anyone in the UK who is being homeschooled either. It's not something I hear much about at all at home but I certainly hear a lot about homeschooling in the USA and I can think of many moms who are homeschooling their children of various ages all over the…

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Folded underwear & Self-care
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Folded underwear & Self-care

I was folding a pair of panties the other day and it hit me that I hadn't done that in longer than I could remember. I hadn't folded my own underwear in months. Wow. My kind of self-care involves folded underwear. Baby E was asleep and I had tiptoed out of the room to get a drink of water. On my way back into the room, I saw a pile of clean laundry that needed folding and thought to myself that I'd just do the underwear to start with and then go back in to nap with her. Ten minutes…

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