Notes from a FTD

Notes from a FTD

Notes from a first time daddy

When did you become a daddy?
On 21st August 2018 at 8.21pm.

What do you think you do to offer the most support to your partner?
I do what any good partner would do. Help with our daughter when I’m not at work. Do my share of the household chores. Let my wife stay in bed at a weekend 


What makes you a good father?
I love my daughter and would do anything to protect and support her!

Do you think men are given sufficient support in the uk socially and institutionally to be good fathers?
Yes, I think so. I’m pretty sure most workplaces provide paternity leave. Mine certainly did. I think the support socially in the UK is good. Changing tables are often placed in disabled toilets which helps when out and about

What would you tell any first time dad to expect in the first month?
Well obviously expect to be tired. You might feel stressed or overwhelmed by the whole situation. It’s OK to feel like this. Make sure you talk about how you feel and don’t bottle it up!

Your family’s been doing some travelling! What’s been the hardest and easiest part of travelling with a baby?
The easiest has to be the fast track at the airport. We skipped queues for bag drop, security and boarding which is a massive help. The hardest was the amount of things you have to take. You have to plan ahead when travelling with a baby, definitely no last minute packing!

Visit Andy’s IG here and see his lovely family
They live in Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Are you a first time dad? How would you have answered these questions?

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