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M.A.C Counters & British Christmases

M.A.C Counters & British Christmases

I don’t think I explicitly said so before but we’re spending Christmas in the UK. Being back on familiar, home territory feels wonderful. We can’t seem to stop pointing out things about this country that we’ve missed. From stupidly pointing out signs and reading them aloud to each other to remind ourselves that we can actually understand the signs here to the wonderfully friendly customer service in every store and restaurant. I think we may be taking it too far now. Extending conversation with staff much further than they probably intended for it to go.

It’s not that there isn’t a whole lot to appreciate about where we live in Germany because there is. There’s the wonderful things like how very baby and child friendly it is over there in terms of amenities. Also, how nice and empty the M.A.C counters are so you can zip in to try out a lipstick and get out in five minutes flat. That’s something that certainly didn’t happen for me here in the UK today. And then of course there’s the generally warmer climes in our part of Germany that makes for pleasurable walks.

It’s because of lovely little things like that that I won’t go into what we see as the downsides of Germany. It’s just not worth it. Not to mention that I’ve done that once already here…and may do it again in a separate post in the near future…

We set out to do a spot of shopping today. To take advantage of Christmas sales. I need a new pair of boots and I fancied a new winter jacket too if I happened to see one. I got neither. The sea of people everywhere with the same idea as us put me off completely and all the clothes and shoes started to blend into each other. I did get that lipstick though. If only it could protect me from the biting cold…

Did any of you venture out to the shops today?

On another note, I must say that Operation ZZ crumbled into little bits this afternoon and brought me to a realisation. It’s next to impossible to be fully zen when you’ve got a child(ren) younger than…say…10. You’re fully responsible for everything at all times and there’s no letting up on that. No matter how much anyone thinks you should let up on it. You know you can’t. The best you can do is try not to stress too much but even that is not entirely possible at all times.

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