Honesty doesn’t equal negativity
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Honesty doesn’t equal negativity

I’ve always been fairly cut and dried in the way I speak to people. More so in recent years and sometimes a bit excessively. Even in my own opinion. I don’t realise I’m being too blunt sometimes but I am most blunt when I’m speaking about myself and the things that I see as my own faults. I am conscious about not being quite so blunt with others. Especially those I care about. I want to keep this up of course but this year, I want to be more intentional with the way I address myself too. Overall though, I’m determined to stay honest about as much as I can. Especially on this platform.

I see a lot here on this platform about positivity and the effort to put out positivity. Positive energy. Positive vibes. Optimistic vibes. I love it.

I do. I’m all for it and there are a lot of people I follow for exactly that reason. They’re sure to give me that boost when I need it.

People don’t always expect that kind of energy in every single post from bloggers they like though, do they? Blogging honestly about your not so positive day and not ending on a positive or optimistic note doesn’t equal a person who is negative on a daily basis. Not necessarily anyway.

This is a family blog and like any other kind of life, being a mother and wife has its ups and downs. Sometimes it will seem like there are more downs than ups. I won’t always post about happy things. I’ll post about disappointments and annoyances too. I won’t always conclude my not so happy posts with an optimistic thought either.

Hopefully that doesn’t put too many people off.

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  1. Ali

    I struggle with being too blunt too! I’m trying to think more before I speak about the tone of delivery of my message

  2. Cendu

    Totally agree! It’s okay to feel your feelings. Sometimes they’re negative. The important part is working through those feelings and moving forward

    1. Kin Unplugged

      Yes, absolutely! Thanks for visiting!

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